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Page history last edited by Steve Cauffman 14 years, 5 months ago


CLA Resource Sharing Section Meeting January 8, 2010

Present at MLSC: Steve Cauffman, Bill Sullivan, Eric Hansen, Karen Carey; by teleconference: Kim Farrington, Shelley Holley, Jill Adams.

Steve called the meeting to order @ 10:02 a.m.


Section Bylaws

The CLA Executive Board approved CLARSS’s revised bylaws at a meeting 1/7/10. All sections' bylaws are under review because CLA's bylaws are under review; CLARRS’s may need to change later. 


CLA Conference Update

The 2010 CLA conference will be 4/19-20/2010 at Mohegan Sun. The Resource Sharing Section presentations most likely will be on 4/19. Steve will contribute to a Technology Sandbox: this could be a means for a CLARSS drop-in session. There will be 3 Resource Sharing sessions and potentially the Resource Sharing sandbox; Steve may need help with it, depending on his schedule at the conference. The March issue of the CLA newsletter will focus on the Conference, and can include an article about the Resource Sharing Section by Steve, with input from section members prior to submission. The Resource Sharing Section needs a chair & co-chair for 2010; to be elected at the CLA Conference before or after one of the Resource Sharing Section presentations on 4/19. We need nominations at our next meeting; we will seek them from the section membership.


Future directions for the Resource Sharing Section

•How to get the word out about the Section? By attending public library directors' round table meetings to promote the Section? Steve does attend and will apprise ILL round tables of the Section’s existence & activities. Steve will get on the agenda of the 3/17 Public Library Directors RT at the Harwinton Public Library. Karen recommended that we stress a green approach to ILL: electronic instead of paper.


•ILL Loan Policy. How can the Resource Sharing Section keep the CT ILL Loan Policy spreadsheet on Webjunction up to date? Steve would like to set it up so libraries can enter their own information and updates. Until then, Steve needs help with keeping the spreadsheet up to date. In discussion, it was determined that the spreadsheet is mainly for the benefit of library workers, but could include information for patrons about how ILL works; this could make it an advocacy tool in the face of budget cuts. Steve will work with Mary Jackson of Auto-Graphics to incorporate her cost benefit figures into the spreadsheet, and will work with Tom Newman of the CT State Library to include Connecticut libraries' cost benefit information into the spreadsheet; could also be useful as an advocacy tool. Steve will migrate the ILL Policy spreadsheet to another site, so that libraries can contribute, and so it's printable.


•How can digital collections play a part in resource sharing? Discussion of models for statewide sharing of electronic resources followed. Shelly recommended the Section post a notice to our wiki about downloadable audio books. Eric discussed one model for statewide e. resource sharing, and will research other states’ models for e. resource sharing. Steve will create an ILL-for-patrons document (for the reQuest side) for patrons. Steve’s recommended slogan for statewide e. resources: "Downloads at your library: free and legal."

•Emergence of mobile devices as delivery devices for resource sharing. Shelly's library has downloadable audio books for iPods, furnished by the library’s Friends group. Karen's library has downloadable audio books for patrons.  Shelly’s library in Southington will check out Wii games on DVD: it's huge. Bill pointed out that standards are vendor-determined; we need to write them into vendor licenses. Steve will alert Bill & Eric when the vendor invitation for CLA conference goes out. Shelly recommended a Surveymonkey survey for librarians about resources for sharing. Steve recommended we consider adding new formats to ILL Loan Policy spreadsheet.


The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.


Next meeting: Friday, Feb. 5, 2010 @ 10:00 a.m.

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