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CLARSS Meeting Notes

2/5/2010 @ 10:00 a.m.



Present: Steve Cauffman, Bill Sullivan, Eric Hansen, Karen Carey (in person) Mark Gore, Kim Farrington, Shelley Holley (via conference call).



1. CLA Conference planning. Conference registration and housing opened February 4.  CLARSS is hosting three presentations:  two by Mary Jackson (the cost of ILL; and NCIP co-presenting with Sue Berescik) and one by Sherelene Schatz (delivery), all on Monday. The session times of day will be determined by next week. All three sessions will be one hour each. We need three introducers, one for each of the sessions. Karen & Shelly agreed to introduce; Steve will check with Jill Adams. We also need three reporters, one for each session. Eric, Kim and Shelly agreed to be reporters. 


2. New Chair and Chair-elect. According to our by-Laws, we can hold our meeting at the conference. It will be after one of our three sessions, and should take approximately 10 minutes.


We need a new Chair for FY011, and a Chair-elect for FY011 to become Chair for FY012. Section members are to submit names to Steve for a vote at our annual meeting at the CLA conference. Steve prefers to be replaced as chair in July, but is willing to continue on our Executive Committee. Steve will send out an announcement seeking nominations to those who signed the original petition to CLA for creation of our section. Our meeting schedule is open, and is determined by the Chair.


3. Some have asked about the status of a statewide ILS (Integrated Library System). Ken had proposed a grant for one, but it was denied. Funding is not available, but we can continue to discuss it until funding becomes available.


Bill pointed out that iCONN is in its last contract year with Auto-Graphics (A-G) for reQuest, authentication and federated search services. The State requires a competitive process, so iCONN will write a new RFP for completion by FY2011 to renew or replace A-G; either way it could be a staging ground for a statewide ILS. 


Discussion of OCLC cost models and pricing. Many Connecticut academic libraries are on OCLC. Discussion of the distinctions between individual library and statewide charges. Discussion of A-G international resource sharing pilot.


Karen asked about the possible impact a statewide ILS, with its presumed increase in ILL activity, on Ccar service. Bill noted that patron-placed holds would have an effect as well. Steve stated that LSTA funds may be frozen for the next fiscal year.


Discussion of a Fall program about ILS pilot projects.


4. Eric reported on his research into statewide resource sharing projects in other states. He will post the results to our section’s wiki and will add updates as his investigation continues.


5. Steve has drafted an article for the CLA newsletter that he will send around to CLARSS for review before submitting it to Tom Newman. 


Steve will seek to include CLARSS on the CLA membership form and on will post a reminder to e-mail discussion lists. 


Discussion of CLARSS's web presence and the CLA web site.


CLA meeting 2/4 discussed overlap of CLC & CLA roundtables, and purposes & roles of both organizations. CLC is in the midst of forming new strategic plan. CLA's President-elect is Betty-Anne Reider.


Discussion of iCONN budget and Governor's proposed budget for FY 2011.


The next meeting will be Friday, 3/5 @ 10:00 a.m. using the conference call format. Those who can attend in person at the Middletown Library Service Center are welcome to do so.


Adjourned @ 11:13 a.m.




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