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Annual Report 2010

Page history last edited by Steve Cauffman 12 years, 11 months ago

Resource Sharing Section of the Connecticut Library Association
Annual Report FY 2010


The Resource Sharing Section became the newest addition to the Connecticut Library Association (CLA) in 2010. The section was created in response to a need for more professional development opportunities in Connecticut concerning resource sharing issues. Initiated from discussions at the Connecticut Library Consortium’s Interlibrary Loan Roundtable meetings, Steve Cauffman of the Connecticut State Library collected the required 15 signatures and petitioned the CLA Executive Board. The section was voted into existence when the Executive Board unanimously approved the petition at their June 4, 2009 meeting.


Those who signed the petition automatically became members of the newly-formed section with Steve Cauffman acting as chair during its formative months. To foster communication and facilitate openness, Steve created a wiki at: http://clarss.pbworks.com. The workspace hosts the section’s documents. Anyone can view documents on the section’s wiki, while only section members have full writing and editing privileges.


One of the first duties of the section was to create bylaws to govern the section’s affairs. A sub-group of section members drafted bylaws that were then sent to all section members for comment. Sandy Rosado, Chair of the Procedures Committee, reviewed the proposed bylaws to make sure they were in compliance with CLA’s bylaws. After incorporating Sandy’s revisions, the proposed section bylaws were presented to the CLA Executive Board. At their January 7, 2010 meeting, the Board unanimously approved the motion to accept the section’s bylaws. The bylaws are at: http://clarss.pbworks.com/By-Laws.


The section met eight times between October 2009 and June 2010. The meetings were held in-person at the Middletown Library Service Center. Those who could not attend in person were invited to attend virtually through a conference call. Between 4 and 6 section members attended each meeting either in person or virtually. Steve chaired all of the meetings (minutes are at http://clarss.pbworks.com/) and attended all but one of the CLA Executive Board meetings.


The section planned and sponsored three hour-long sessions, all taking place on Monday, April 19, 2010 at the CLA Annual Conference. The sessions were:


  • What Does Interlibrary Loan Really Cost?
    • Presenter: Mary Jackson
    • Introduction and reporter: Shelly Holley (Southington Library and Museum).
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Physical Delivery of Library Material
    • Presenter: Scherelene Schatz
    • Introduction: Steve Cauffman
    • Reporter: Eric Hansen (Connecticut State Library).
  • From Wish to Reality: Interoperability and Interlibrary Loan
    • Co-presenters: Susan Berescik (East Hampton Public Library) and Mary Jackson
    • Introduction: Karen Carey (Russell Library)
    • Reporter: Kim Farrington (Central Connecticut State University).

Conference presentations are posted at http://clarss.pbworks.com/.


The “What Does Interlibrary Loan Really Cost?” session turned out to be the kick-off for a ‘Connecticut Interlibrary Loan Cost Study.’ For the session, the presenter created an easy-to-use cost worksheet, which a library can use to determine their ILL costs. She proposed that libraries in Connecticut submit their data to her. She in turn will compile the data and report the results on a statewide basis. She will also explore publishing the results of the study and will encourage libraries nationwide to use the cost worksheet. Her previous ILL cost studies resulted in two books that have been frequently cited in library literature and in discussions of ILL costs. Should she publish an article concerning the Connecticut ILL cost study, it would be the first of its kind to include public libraries, and would give libraries in Connecticut and the Resource Sharing Section of CLA nationwide visibility.


The section finished the Fiscal Year in June 2010 with its first vote for officers. According to the section’s bylaws the officers are a Chair and a Chair-Elect, with the Chair-Elect becoming the Chair the following year. Since this was the section’s first such vote, we elected both a Chair and a Chair-Elect. Eric Hansen conducted the online vote of section members using SurveyMonkey. Steve Cauffman was elected Section Chair for Fiscal Year 2011 and Mark Gore, Housatonic Community College, and Sherry Gelbwasser, Asnuntuck Community College, were elected Section Co-Chair Elects for Fiscal Year 2011. Mark and Sherry will become Section Co-Chairs for Fiscal Year 2012. After a successful inaugural year, the section looks forward to an equally successful second year.


Submitted by:
Stephen Cauffman, Acting Chair – Resource Sharing Section of CLA, June 30, 2010

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